Paintings that express spirit and emotion

I have been a painter my whole life. It’s my passion. I paint from my subconscious mind, using colour and form to say something about the way I see the world.

I often paint with ceremony and prayer.
Burning sage.
Visioning in meditation.
Dreaming whilst playing music.

I'm not limited to one style or one medium. I pick up a brush and tell the story of my heart. The journey is the subject. Sometimes it feels like a dance with attachment. Only by letting go of what was just painted can I reach the place where the painting is finished.

On the easel

Sika is currently working on a new series of abstract paintings inspired by the rugged landscape of New Zealand's South Island.

An earthy colour palette of lichen and bare tree trunks. Textures of rock. An exploration of changing seasons and the play of light.

This piece is entitled 'Spirit Beings'.

The Orb Series

Many of Sika's recent paintings feature Orbs. 

My paintings are an expression of our intrinsic oneness with Earth and Spirit. The Orb Series came from a yearning to express everything that is. One day I let go of form and it seemed like the whole universe landed on the canvas.

The orbs contain rich symbology and meaning. The orb is in space and is space itself. The circle of existence contained within a grain of sand, an atom and a single cell. The eye looking within and without. A portal. The perfect knowledge contained within a seed. The moon, sun, planets - and on and on and on.

If you look closely, the textures and subtle layers of colours, glazes and impasto, can be seen to have great depth.

The more you look, the more you see.

Explore Sika’s paintings

Sika sells his original paintings worldwide, both directly and through galleries.

Paint, Stone and Sound

As a professional musician and respected instrumentalist, sound has always been at the heart of Sika's creative life. For the first time, Sika's work with sound is moving into the gallery.

His installation in the Bank Gallery in Takaka, New Zealand, in January 2018 includes audio recordings, touchstones and wood to create a multi-sensory experience. An exciting new chapter is unfolding.

This installation is of this land.
It reflects my journey and expresses my gratitude.

A sacred ingredient

Many of Sika's oil paintings include pounamu, also known as New Zealand Jade or Greenstone.

Pounamu is greatly significant to the Māori people and is only found in the South Island of New Zealand, where Sika lives.

Finely ground pounamu is mixed into the plaster foundation, adding body to the artwork and forming a spiritual bond between the painting and the land/environment.