Paintings that express a feeling of spirit and emotion.

I have been a painter my whole life, it’s my passion. I paint from my subconscious mind, using colour and form to say something about the way I see the world. Taking away the judgements and saying 'look at those elements next to each other, the dance of light, the colours, the natural beauty of life....isn't it just so perfect".
The subject of a painting is inspired by a deep esoteric relationship beyond just what meets the eye. I am not limited to one style or one medium. I will pick up a brush and tell the story of my heart, with the journey being the subject. It's not always easy either, because a struggle arises and duality forces me to let go of attachment. Only by letting go of what was just painted, can I reach the place where the painting is finished, but that place is not always a given thing. It's finding the balance, so a painting will entice you in and you forget you are looking at a painting. It expresses an emotion and it also creates them in the viewer. A symbiotic! 



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The Orbs are painted using the finest Oil Paints on canvas.
Mixed into the plaster foundation, is finely ground Pounamu, also known as New Zealand Greenstone.
This forms a spiritual bond between the painting and the land/environment where I live.
As a painting, the textures, colours and spatial relationships are equally fascinating. If you look closely, the textures and subtle layers of colours, glazes and impasto, can be seen to have great depth.
The more you look, the more you see.

My paintings are an expression of our intrinsic oneness with Earth and Spirit.

Oil paint, plaster and ground Pounamu on Canvas.
Painted in ceremony with prayers, whilst burning Sage.
Dreamed of and visualised in meditation and whilst playing music.

The Orbs series came from a yearning…
To express everything that IS, in a single work of art.

It baffled me and remained frustratingly elusive, until one day I let go of form. Then, the whole universe landed on the canvas and with it, the profundity of the most profane.

An Orb is The Circle. It is a round Space or perhaps a Sphere.
I could write a book about the meaning. It’s archetypal. The Orb is in space and is space itself. The circle of existence contained within a grain of sand, an atom and a single cell. The eye looking within and without. A portal. The moon, sun, planets and on and on and on.

The environment holds the Orb, but both affect each other. The Orb may however, be defined by it’s surroundings…negative space. Both exist because of each other, like the Earth and Space.
The microcosm and the macrocosm.
The perfect knowledge contained within a seed.
The Universe.

The vision…a whole series of Orbs. Every Orb’s creation, is a deep journey and is very profound. I am mesmerised by this subject.
“After the magnificent moonrise, it feels appropriate to share my latest painting ‘Orb’. It has a striking and most compelling lure to it. The more I look into it, the deeper it becomes, with its rich symbology and meaning.” – written after the 1st Orb Painting September 2015